These days there are so many streaming sites and many of them are pure garbage so the people don't know what website to choose anymore because it's very hard to sort them, keeping in mind the fact that sites who rank in Google's results are in the most of the cases only spam with crappy content and you don't want to lose your time with this kind of sites. PrimeWire is better than everyone for at least one important reason: the quality of the movies and series published here is always HD or even better. The only one exception are the latest released movies which usually came in CAM quality for a few days because they are registered with a video camera in the cinema and we publish it like that for the people who don't have some more patience, but very often the HD quality is released just a few days after so if you are not happy with the quality of a movie from our website then just wait a few days more and for sure we will update it with the better version once it's ready.

You are tired of searching on many sites just to find your favorite movie or serie? On PrimeWire you don't have to lose your time anymore searching the whole internet for a specific production because our database is probably the biggest that you've ever seen on such a site. With more than 10.000 movies and 60.000 episodes, PrimeWire has real chances to become your main source of entertainment. All the content published here can be watched by anyone from any country because PrimeWire is now unblocked anywhere since our latest update. You can watch anything without being necessary to create an account because we don't want to store any data from our visitors. You just access this site anonymously and enjoy everything you want for free.

We know that today nobody has time to lose waiting for a movie or episode to fully load before watching it so we have spent the last months upgrading our servers and optimizing PrimeWire as much as possible and now we finally achieved the fastest loading time and our pages have the best score results in the tests and are loading in less than a second. Also, you don't have to wait for the whole movie to load in order to watch it without interruptions and buffering because today everything is happening instantly and you can just click the play button from the middle of the screen and the movie will start running automatically and you don't have to wait at all. With all the presented qualities of PrimeWire we think it really deserves your attention and it might become your all-time favorite streaming website if you check it out for a little bit. Please share our site on your social media accounts because this will help us a lot and also don't forget to bookmark PrimeWire so you can access it faster next time.